Strategic Planning

We have many years of experience analyzing businesses and recommending direction.

  1. Business Plans

  2. Technology Development Plans (Product Roadmaps)

  3. Marketing Plans


1. Business Plans
Traditionally a corporate strategic plan consists of:

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • Core Values

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Long-Term Goals

  • Yearly Objectives

  • Action Plans

2. Technology Plans
Taking inventory of the problem and possible tech solution specifications:

  • Current technology status and needs assessment (software, hardware, cloud services)

  • Organizational tech vision / goals - development phases

  • Integration or other special requirements

  • Review of current "state of the art" technology options

  • Design and Development Team

  • Detailed feature specifications

  • Development process and tools

  • Quality assurance (testing)

  • Training staff (+ writing instruction manuals)

  • Security and compliance

  • Support and Maintenance plan

  • Budget and time estimates

3. Marketing Plans
Setting realistic market reach milestones based on available time and budget

  • Target Markets

  • Marketing Team

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Marketing objectives (per activity)

  • Revenue objectives (per stream)

  • Strategy

  • Tactics

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    • Business Development / Partnerships

    • Online & Social Media Engagement

    • Publicity - TV, Radio, Internet, Print

    • Advertising - TV, Radio, Internet, Print

  • Timeline / Budget


In all strategic planning the key is to avoid believing your own PR and focus on the most realistic possibilities within the allocated time / budget / team / etc.



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