There's an old saying...

"Good is not cheap and cheap is no good"

There are 3 aspects to any service: Quality, Time and Budget.

If someone offers high quality for little time and budget - they are selling a mass-produced product - not a service.

In a service there are several common possibilities:

High Budget + High Time = High Quality

High Budget + Lower Time = Lower Quality

Low Budget + Low Time = Low Quality

Low Budget + High Time = Lower Quality

Each project has a specific situation. Some are ok to take a long time with low budget. Others must be done quickly with a large budget. Yet others require a quick and cheap prototype with limited quality.

When planning a project you need to spend some time defining the expected outcomes based on the available resources.

Over the years we have done every type of project and can accommodate to your project needs.

For maximum value, we some times offer to customize our own existing software modules to produce new products for clients. This can save you time, budget, and add quality from working code. Depending on the specs, it may also introduce new uncertainties as it requires integrating and customizing new features into those systems. Managing those issues is part of the planning process.

In any case, planning the project carefully is essential for defining expectations, meeting milestones and overall project success.

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