Meetup Groups

We run several Meetup Groups about digital media design, development and marketing.

Join us for upcoming events. Our groups are:

Toronto Digital Marketing Meetup
This is a group for anyone interested in digital marketing, social media marketing, etc. Especially if you have been doing this for a while and looking for ways to maximize results. Learn how to grow your audience, lead generation and sales through basic and advanced marketing tactics. Share with colleagues what works for you, what doesn't work and new ideas to try out.

NewTechTO - 3D Web / VR / AR / AI / ML / IoT
This group is for sharing experience in designing interfaces and developing applications using all of the new tech tools:

* 3D on the web tools
* Virtual Reality (VR) tools
* Augmented Reality (AR) tools
* Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning tools / Voice Apps
* Blockchain / Smart Contracts / Internet of Things (IoT) tools
* Other new tech tools

Meetings will focus on specific sets of tools each time.

Join us to learn how to use these new tools to create great products.
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