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ComicReply introduces revolutionary new ways for brands to leverage the creative imagination of fans for social media marketing.

Social media contests are generating exceptional marketing ROI and marketers worldwide are looking to leverage this phenomena, especially contests that use ‘Visual UGC’.

Today there are platforms for running sweepstakes, photo and video contests, but there is still no easy way to launch unique Remix Contests where fans mix branded content elements with personal expressions.

For example the McDonald's 'Build a Burger' contests, where participants create burger recipes, is now rolled out around the world. Another is Tim Hortons’ Duelling Donuts contest where fans create donut recipes online.

Currently these types of Remix Contests are expensive, custom projects - but ComicReply is about to change that.

A platform for Remix Contests

ComicReply is an Audience Engagement Platform that helps marketers leverage the power Social Media Remix Contests.

The platform enables brands to upload content assets for fans to remix on a Mobile App, Website or Facebook App. The remixes are moderated and posted in a public gallery and participants share their creations to gain votes to win prizes.

With complete contest management features the platform supports comics, drawing, karaoke, trivia and other formats.

Sample Contests

* An early prototype of ComicReply was customized for the Gogo's Crazy Bones toy brand with millions of online engagements, won awards, etc. -

* Advertising Week Trivia Contest -

* Pet Comics Contest -

* Talent Hounds -

* Concept -

* Artesian Films - Music Remix Contest - in progress -

Other ideas of what can be done with ComicReply:

* Coffee Art Contest -

* Hairstyles Contest -

* Gardening Contest -

* Hat Style Contest -

* Build-A-Robot Contest -

* Baseball Trivia Contest -

* My Style Contest -

* Character Contest -

* Karaoke Contest -


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