AI / Voice Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engines include: Machine Learning (ML), Big Data Analytics, ChatBots, Voice Apps and more

Many businesses can benefit from AI in ways they do not often realize. For example:

  • Customer Service ChatBots - automate customer support by feeding the AI program with your support manual and many customer interactions (emails, phone call logs, texts). The machine can identify patterns and generate a summary of the type of questions people ask and the type of answer you are providing. Review and update this data, add more rules, finesse and you got a ChatBot that can answer customer questions 24/7 - save on staffing costs while keeping some staff as a back up for unique situations. The ChatBot can communicate with customers over email, text, web chat, Slack, etc.

  • Automated Social Media Marketing - automate the lead-generation process by automatically identifying social posts that include specific keywords or phrases (or smarter combinations). Feed the machine with this data and look for other repeating patterns that appears on these posts. Then train the program to auto-respond in specific ways - for example as a retweet that includes a link to your solution to their problem - your product. The auto-post rules can be elaborate with many options and used randomly in limited capacity to avoid blockage. This machine can now work 24/7 directing qualified sales leads to your website!

  • Auto-Short-List Items - In the same manner you could "teach" a program to identify the best type of items you are looking for and let the machine sort through many items for you. For example, in HR the machine can provide a short list of only the most qualified candidates - saving a lot of time and effort reading resumes.

  • Voice Apps - creating voice-first apps using Amazon Alexa and other tools

Prior to starting Giant Step, Eyal did some development work for AI company iNAGO on their automated virtual assistant product.

If you are looking to develop a custom AI solution for your business, contact us. We don't do everything in house but have partners who focus only on AI business solutions who can help you with this.

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