Marketing Promos

We can help you with every aspect of a marketing campaign.

Over the years we acted as the Agency of Record (AOR) for several clients, delivering full-service marketing solutions (either All Marketing or Digital). We designed and produced all marketing materials, both for industry (B2B) and consumer promotions (B2C). For example:

* Marketing Agency for Clean Freak Patrol
* Digital Agency for Gogo's Crazy Bones
* Digital Agency for Blue Streak Electronics

In your marketing efforts, ultimately the goal is to develop direct relationships with a large set of customers who respond to your on-going offers and buy your products.

There are many ways to reach prospective customers. Through market research, strategic planning, creative promotions and small-scale experimentation, we can help you identify your most profitable market segments and marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion). Then scale it for maximum results.

Traditional (Offline) Marketing:

  • Public Relations - writing press releases and contacting the media

  • Advertising - producing ad creative, copywriting, media planning and buying

  • Direct Mail - letter and postcard campaigns, mass-mailing through Canada Post

  • Promotions - sales, giveaways, loyalty points, coupons, contests and more

  • Events - planning, producing, inviting, hosting, presenting, and promoting

Online Marketing:

  • Online Advertising - banners ads, working with ad networks, Google AdWords

  • Social Media Marketing - Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and other networks

  • Social Media Engagement - delivering messages through group conversations

  • Email Marketing and response automation (multiple email flows) 

  • PR, Guest Blogging , Reviews, Co-Promos

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Surveys, Polls, Contests, Webinars

  • Content Marketing - producing blog posts, eBooks, Slide Shows, Videos, Infographics

  • Database Marketing - Segmentation and Personalization (heatmasps, leadscores, etc.)


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