Your site must be mobile-friendly.

Everyone expects your website to display properly on all screens.

Google will reduce your search result ranking if your website does not display properly on mobile screens.

We can help you make the site display well on all screens, from small to large:

  • Mobile phones

  • Mobile tablets

  • Laptop monitors

  • Desktop monitors

  • Large monitors

  • Projection displays

Each of these categories includes a variety of screen sizes and screen size trends change once in a while.

This situation makes it a non-trivial task to make the site display well on all screen sizes.

Some screens are more important than others, especially depending on your audience (mobile to theatre displays).

For mobile displays first test if your site is considered mobile-friendly by Google at - this will likely report various errors or warnings, even if your site is using a 'mobile-friendly theme'. The requirements keep changing and there are always more aspects to adjust.

There can be endless adjustments that can be done, but we can help you define what is worth-while spending the effort on and what is ok to ignore.

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