Our Experience

Over the years we helped clients achieve goals in various aspects of their business, including:

  • Product Development - User Interface Design,  Software Development (Web / Mobile Apps)

  • Trade Marketing - Product sheets, Brochures, Trade Booths, Ads, Contests, Apps, Social Media

  • Consumer Marketing - TV, Radio, Internet and Print Ads, Contests, Social Media, Events

  • Media Relations - Story Development, Press Releases, Outreach, Exposure, Follow Up Stories

  • Government Relations - Government Grant Applications, Tax Credits

  • Investor Relations - Investment Kits: Business Plans, Pitch Decks, Prospectus, Demos

  • Internal Systems - Research and Operations Databases

We can help you with any of these aspects and have worked with clients in most industries, from raw material providers to product manufacturers, retailers, and recycling.

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