Mobile App Development

We build mobile apps.

Apps can be built using Native code for each platform (iOS, Android, etc.) - each has its own programming language and related tools.

Building a unique version for each device provides the best quality but can be slow and expensive.

Another approach is to build the app as a custom responsive website set for mobile device screen sizes. Then package the code with some customization for Android and iOS. We use a tool called Adobe PhoneGap to package the code and launch mobile apps.

  • Responsive HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP/MySQL, JSON, AJAX, jQuery   

  • Packaged separately for Android and iOS using PhoneGap (also known as Apache Cordova)

  • Launch process - getting approval from the app stores (iTunes, Google Play, others)

We also have experience developing in .NET, C#, C, C++, Java, Python and Visual Basic.


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