Website Speed

We can help you improve the website page loading speed.

Many things affect the speed in which your web pages load. This becomes especially important after using the site for a while - as you accumulate many pages, plugins and special features. The more content, features and traffic you have online the slower the site becomes over time. To solve this problem there are many aspects that can be improved:

  • Test your site loading time using GTMetrix or similar tool

  • It will provide you with:

    • Performance Scores

    • Fully Loaded Time (seconds)

    • Total Page Size (Kilobytes)

    • Requests (number of calls to load info)

  • It will provide a score and recommendations for improvements on many aspects:

    • Avoid landing page redirects >>

    • Combine images using CSS sprites >>

    • Leverage browser caching >>

    • Defer parsing of JavaScript >>

    • Specify a cache validator >>

    • Specify image dimensions >>

    • Minify JavaScript >>

    • Optimize images >> ( use and SmushIt)

    • Minify CSS >>

    • Minify HTML >>

    • Avoid bad requests >>

    • Enable gzip compression >>

    • Enable Keep-Alive >>

    • Inline small CSS >>

    • Inline small JavaScript >>

    • Minimize redirects >>

    • Minimize request size >>

    • Optimize the order of styles and scripts >>

    • Put CSS in the document head >>

    • Serve resources from a consistent URL >>

    • Serve scaled images >>

    • Avoid CSS @import >>

    • Prefer asynchronous resources >>

    • Remove query strings from static resources >>

    • Specify a character set early >>

    • Avoid a character set in the meta tag >>

    • Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header >>

Using a WordPress theme that was created specifically to load fast will save a lot of effort here.

Each item on this list has various sub-items and complications to deal with.

We can help you analyze your site's situation and resolve these issues.

Please note that depending on your hosting provider package there may be limitations to what can be done. Some time moving to a higher quality server solution also helps improve web age load time performance.

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