Our Process

There are two key processes that we follow on a regular basis with our clients:

1. The Project Delivery Process:
This is how we create Interactive Digital Media (IDM) productions >>

2. The Internet Marketing Process:
This is how we generate traffic and revenue through IDM productions >>


From over 15 years of experience delivering client projects, our team has developed our own custom process for delivering Interactive Digital Media (IDM) projects.

It follows the key ‘best practices’ recommended by organizations such as the Project Management Institute and the Management Consulting Association.

From our experience, it is essential to allocate serious time for strategy, planning, and writing detailed specifications before embarking on any major development. Rapid prototyping may be included as part of the specification analysis.

When clients come to Giant Step, we work together through the following process, shown on the right.

Internet Marketing can be highly effective and valuable to almost any business. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Internet, ever-emerging technologies, and media hype – marketing over the Internet is often misunderstood, exaggerated or underestimated.

At Giant Step, we study closely this ever-changing industry and bring our clients clear insights into what really works and what doesn’t. We develop simple step-by-step formulas for leveraging the power of the Internet. Using these processes we help companies find and keep customers, and develop meaningful, profitable long-term customer relationships.

As new tools and techniques appear on the market, we update our process to make use of them effectively. We also develop our own tools, some of which become full products that we license out. Our products are listed in our product catalog >>

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