Armor Technologies Inc.

Armor Technologies Inc.

Marketing an Online Security Product



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* Marketing Armorware Core - online security tool
* Protecting against identity theft on the web
* Product market positioning and re-branding
* Developed integrated marketing strategy and plan
* Campaign creative development for all media
* Story-boarding, web design and development
* Wrote corporate sales seminar presentations

Armor Technology has developed a unique system that safeguards Internet and network users from hostile intrusions.

Armorware Core is a new type of anti-virus product. Instead of trying to combat computer viruses and intruders, the system requires users to insert the product CD, turn off their machine, and "Restart with Armorware". The computer then loads into a version of Linux and does not use the hard drive at all. Armoreware Core demands users to keep all of their vital information on a USB key and connects directly to a secure Internet connection safeguarded by Armor Technologies.

Most viruses are kept on people's hard drives and triggered when connected to the Internet. By avoiding all contact with the hard drive, Armoreware Core users can be comfortable that no computer viruses or hackers can steal their personal information.

Using these unusual measures requires customers to re-evaluate the way they use the Internet for private and especially financial transactions. An education-oriented campaign was essential for selling this unsual product.

In collaboration with the Creative Marketing Network, Giant Step developed a corporate marketing strategy to launch Armorware Core v.2 including a re-branding effort, an affiliate program, directed infomercials, trade show tour, advertising and pr campaigns.

A comprehensive digital strategy was also developed included a consumer website, affiliate site, corporate site, edu-tainment site and a corporate intranet.

In collaboration with award-winning art director Ronnie Napoleon Periera, Giant Step also developed creative storyboards for TV, Internet and Print ads, corporate identity branding, wrote trade show seminar presentations and produced product demonstrations.

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