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* A platform developer for robotic control systems
* Won two awards at Vancouver investment forums
* Seeked to secure a second round of funding
* Strategic press was developed for select media
* Picked up by, Yahoo! Finance and more
* Second round of private equity financing secured

Spark Robotics Technology Inc. develops systems for the remote or driverless operation heavy industrial equipment.

Spark's DIOS™ - Distributed Intelligent Operating Schema™ is an enabling platform for robotic control systems. Initially focussed on applications in the defence and security sector, Spark is developing intelligent robotic controls to suport mine detection among other applications.

In 2006, Spark was seeking to secure a second round of funding for the company. On October 24th, Spark won the Investor's Choice Award for "Best Pre-Revenue Company" at the Vancouver Angel Forum. Only a few weeks later, Spark won the "Best Exhibitor Award for Cleantech and Advanced Technologies" at the Canadian Financing Forum.

With two investment awards won within the span of one month, Spark approached Giant Step to spread the word in the investment and business community about their success.

In order to rise Spark above the crowd and position the company in the investment community, Giant Step wrote press releases strategically planned for a select group of business and investment-related news media. The releases were picked up by PR Newswire and included in numerous publications including, Yahoo! Finance and and sparked interest from business and investment journalists.

On August 10, 2006 Spark closed a second round of private equity financing.

Spark was named as one of 'The Ones to Watch' for 2007 by Rocket Builders Canada >
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