Leads Tracking

Sales leads management system

This is a simple but powerful addition to any company's website.

Consider the 'Contact Us' form on your site - who gets those emails? How to keep track of follow ups? Conversions? There is a better way.

Our lead tracking system connects to your contact form and saves a copy of every entry in a database on the cloud. That way you can always login and get:

  • A list of all form fill entries

  • View each one in detail

  • Assign it to a salesperson (if needed for larger sales teams)

  • Mark that you responded to it (or see that nobody responded to it)

  • Mark if it converted into a sale

  • View progress reports (for manager only - the system has multiple user roles)

Yes, there are more expensive and complicated tools like Salesforce - but often it's too big of a solution for the small issue of tracking leads.


Our platform very simple, cheap and gets the job done.

We can customize the form for your needs. For example, if your form requires custom quoting information or file uploads - it's a one time setup that will help grow you business.

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