Digital Media Marketing Solutions for Many Purposes

Giant Step helps companies develop strategic marketing for various business needs, including Internal, Trade, Consumer, Media, Government and Investor Relations.

At Giant Step, we do not offer "cookie-cutter" solutions to problems. Every company has different strengths and weaknesses, and even within each industry, business situations vary from company to company. Instead, we use a process for uncovering challenges and opportunities, and develop strategies for leveraging strengths and improving weaknesses for greater success.


Today, competition in the marketplace is between networks, not companies! From natural resources to processing, manufacturing and consumer sales, the winner is the company with the better network. That company will have lower production and distribution costs, more government support, better marketing and a more profitable customer base. Giant Step is there for our clients, improving communication results through every stage of the game!


No company can operate in every market and satisfy every need. At every step in the market economy, each company has to decide who they believe is their most profitable target market. Choosing a customer base requires understanding the issues that affect that customer's ability to buy from you (you have to know their business). Many times, companies spend a lot of resources on the wrong target market - one that is not very profitable for them - which results in wasted effort. Giant Step can help you determine whether you are on the right course, or maybe should try selling to a potentially more profitable target market.


The challenge to achieve customer satisfaction follows the same fundamental rules in every market. Satisfaction is, in essence, the "Perceived Customer Value", and made up of the "Total Perceived Benefits" minus the "Total Perceived Cost", whereas both include tangible and intangible elements. Giant Step can study the elements that make up your company's "Perceived Customer Value" and uncover opportunities to make your offers more attractive to customers. This is very useful for all sales communications, both in B2B and B2C markets!


Whether selling to a small group of key decision-makers or millions of consumers, the customer relationship model is fundamentally the same for all markets. Giant Step can help you "Generate Sales Leads", and turn "Prospects" into "Customers", "Repeat Customers", and on-going "Clients". In time, happy customers turn into "Advocates" who love your brand and tell everyone how great it is, and life-long "Partners" who won't buy from anybody else but you. Managing all of these relationships requires on-going analysis and strategic communications to support each customer's particular perception of the brand.


No matter which market your company is targeting, the only way to achieve great sales and profits is to focus on and satisfy your chosen customer base. "Marketing" is the main force that deals directly with the customers, and so it has to help the "Production", "Finance" and "Human Resources" departments decide what should be done to achieve greater customer satisfaction. Giant Step can help you manage these Internal Communications using strategies and systems for on-going improvements.

Case Studies:

Ontario Power Generation
We designed the format for a monthly newsletter directed at all 10,000+ company staff and associates, presenting the progress made on a large, four-year long project. For the first few month, we also researched and wrote the content for the newsletter >>

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
We developed an internal communications database to manage every announcement within the company >>


Business-to-Business sales focus mostly on selling a large volume of products to small group of "Business Buyers". In developing sales presentations to a business audience it is essential to fully understand who are the buyers and what they are looking for in a suppliers of products and services. Giant Step has developed B2B marketing communications including trade show booths, brochures, sales "Powerpoint" presentations and videos, as well as the overall corporate image of companies (message development, logo, tagline, cards, letterheads).

Case Studies:

Clean Freak Patrol Ltd.
Developed all corporate sales materials for launching the company, included brochures, sales sheets, trade booths, sales Powerpoint presentations and more - achieved Canada-wide product distribution through Shoppers Drug Mart, and a national partnership with Junior Achievement of Canada >>


Successful consumer communications start at personal selling. Imagine talking to your customer face-to-face and you will soon understand what sales arguments may work and what has no chance of persuading a sale. Next, imagine talking in front of a crowd of 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000 people - what would you say to make them want to buy from you? Standing in front of 100,000,000 people, what would you say to make them buy? This is what marketing to consumers is all about. Obviously, it is much more expensive to earn the trust of new people than sell to existing customers. Giant Step can help you define what marketing communications will most likely persuade your target market to buy.

Case Studies:

Clean Freak Patrol Ltd.
Launched a new hand sanitizer brand with an integrated multi-platform marketing strategy and campaign - reached over 60M public views and sold products through Shoppers Drug Mart >>

Launched an online edition of a print publication for teenagers, reached over 22,000 students and soon sold to NBC / Universal >>

ReelWorld Film Festival & Foundation
Produced Television commercial used to attract film fans to buy tickets to the film festival - sold over 10,000 tickets >>

Ingle Insurance International
Launched a multimedia web site for a TV celebrity, sponsoring Ingle Insurance for extreme travelers - attracting over 60,000 unique visitors / month - top 10 most popular site in Australia! >>


The perception of companies, products, services, personalities, events, and even ideas can have a major effect on the success of an entity in the marketplace. Taking the pulse of the marketplace, the major waves of opinions, competition, timeless truths and timely trends is essential for making your mark within that environment. Acting within that environment, developing relationships with the media and positioning your entity in the public or industry eye is the work of media relations. Giant Step helps companies "take the pulse of the media", develop original ideas for positioning our clients within their respective media markets, and present our clients to the media for maximum positive results.

Case Studies:

Clean Freak Patrol Ltd.
Developed and executed an extensive media relations campaign - resulting in many Television, Radio, Internet and Print coverage by major Canadian media channels, including CityTV, CTV and GlobalTV >>

Spark Robotics Technologies Inc.
Developed strategic media releases to position Spark Robotics as an attractive investment choice - resulting articles in trade publications supported a successful second round of private equity investment >>


The government offers many grants, tax credits, and other forms of support for businesses. Working with official government organizations can also help promote your message to the general public or industry personnel. Giant Step can help companies develop on-going relationships with the various government-sponsored opportunities available for their industry.

Case Studies:

Clean Freak Patrol Ltd.
Working with Sussex Strategy Group, we directed a strategic event for Clean Freak Patrol (CFP), in which Ontario's Minister of Health and Long Term Care publicly supported the CFP mission and products in order to teach kids the importance of hand-washing - the event was covered in national TV News broadcasts >>

Women's Art Resource Centre (WARC Gallery)
Developed a technology proposal for expanding the WARC Gallery's Online presence - the application was accepted by Heritage Canada and supported the development of various web tools for the gallery, including videos, blogs, community collaboration tools and more >>