Going to market?  Take a Giant Step!

Giant Step is a boutique digital marketing agency that creates branded online experiences - specializing in the production of destination sites that engage audiences to achieve desired results.

We integrate the technology + design + marketing required to accomplish a strategy.

> We are a general-purpose marketing agency for:
> We work strategically, with a top-view, holistic approach to build strong, positive relationships between producers and consumers - with a focus on getting marketing results.
> We are relentless! We go deep into everything we do, develop clear strategies, get things done, and look for win-win long term relationships.

Examples of what we do:

> Develop Rich Internet Applications (RIA's), from concept to launch
> Create online experiences used by millions, with custom systems for User Generated Content
> Assemble teams of world-class expertise, tailored to each project
> Deliver a full-spectrum of interactive and marketing services, integrating online and offline initiatives
> Produce both interactive content and digital infrastructure (systems that our clients use on a regular basis)
> Use problem-solving techniques to create unique solutions that employ insights from the technology, design and marketing fields

Whether you are looking to develop a new e-commerce sales system, an online marketing campaign, a social networking site or other custom web application, our team of expert web application developers, along with strategic marketers, can bring your web initiatives to fruition.


We help our clients build and grow businesses - for the short and long-term.

We take an active role in solving problems, and study all areas of concern before offering direction. We believe in people, the power of strategic communication, and the future of digital marketing as core to the marketing mix. In our opinion, nearly anything can be achieved with a positive attitude, smart direction and hard work.

To find out how Giant Step can help you deliver the best marketing results for your budget,
contact Gil Katz at 416.596.0800 or email gil@giantstep.ca