CLIENT: Women's Art Resource Centre


> Technology assessment, strategy, plan

> Online presentations: galleries, blogs

> Portfolio critique service for young artists

> Enabled live streaming from shows


  • Assisted securing government web art grants
  • Customized web marketing tools for the site
  • Events calendar, blogs, member registrations
  • Video presentations, past exhibit archives
  • eCommerce and search capabilities
  • 'Art Ride 2007' blog with text, photos and videos
  • Described in a CBC Radio Q interview

WARC is an art gallery dedicated to the advancement of contemporary Canadian women's art practice. Sponsored by the Toronto and Ontario Arts Councils, as well as The National Council for the Arts and Heritage Canada, WARC's role is to support and promote the work of women artists in Canada.

WARC needed to upgrade their website to attract and reach a larger audience to the gallery, seminars and other activities. Giant Step successfully assisted securing art grants to support the web project. Once approved, Giant Step customized a series of web marketing tools for the site, including an events calendar, blogs, eCommerce capabilities, member registration and login, search capability, video presentations, exhibit archives and more.

Giant Step also helped present online the 'Art Ride 2007: VeniceBaselKassellMunster...by bicycle!'. Once every ten years four international art events collide in three different, yet geographically connected, countries. Two artists proposed an intervention that literally crosses and intersects both the art world and the everyday, covering 1,600 km, by human-powered transportation, the bicycle.
While seeing the art was a component of the tour, the central proposition was to explore the effect of physically ricocheting off of art events and the surrounding landscape and exploring the manner this alters body, perception and interpretation of the events.

Giant Step set up a blog in which the 'art riders' could easily upload photos and videos and describe their experience in the 'Art Ride' section on WARC's website. The show was a success with a lot of uploaded content from the ride and exploratory reflections from the riders as heard in CBC's Radio Q interview the riders.

URL:  www.warc.net

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