CLIENT: Ontario Power Generation


> Produced communications newsletter

> Reporting progress on a 4-year project

> 10,000 copies distributed monthly


  • Working with senior corporate management
  • Created corporate communication newsletter
  • Distributed to all 10,000+ OPG staff and associates
  • Monthy reporting format for a 4-year long project
  • Environmental qualification for Canada's power plants
  • Ensuring safe conditions of equipment for next 40 years

The Environmental Qualification project was designed to minimize the environmental effects and ensure the safe operational conditions of Canada's nuclear power plants for the next 40 years. The project involved testing every piece of equipment in the power plants and replacing items if needed. With an estimated timeline of four years to completion, the project required monthly progress reporting.

Working with the senior management, a corporate newsletter format was produced to communicate the progress of the project in a simplified way to over 10,000 staff and associates of the company. The progress report included an executive summary, project milestones, budget spenditure, site inspections, workdown curves, audit summaries and special reports. Having a large personnel involved in the project with various limited points of view, the communication had to strategically present a top-view analysis of the overall project and build consensus among the teams.

URL:  www.opg.com