Youth Magazine: Online Edition

CLIENT: THE DISH ( acquired by NBC / Universal )


22,000  bi-weekly print circulation

100+  Toronto high schools partcipated

> Online articles, contests, photos, videos

> Thriving discussion boards, event calander

> Acquired by NBC / Universal


  • Digital marketing strategy for a print publication
  • Circulation 22,000 through Toronto high schools
  • Online community website for teenagers
  • Photo galleries, video streams, games, contests
  • Thriving teen sports / culture discussion forum

  • Company acquired by NBC/Universal Canada
  • Major advertisers: Reebok, French Connection

THE DISH started off as the only private newspaper covering basketball and high school life in Toronto. Written for students by students, THE DISH is all about high school and teenage life.

In the summer of 2005, Giant Step was asked to develop the online strategy and deployment for THE DISH. At the time the paper had a circulation of 22,000 printed copies going to all 100+ Toronto high schools every month.

THE DISH planned to expand the business by building an online edition that will provide students with more content, an online community, increase the company's advertising revenue and allow THE DISH to become an online reseller of products and services to the high school demographic (13-19 year old).

Giant Step developed a strategy for the web site to become a central media platform for the high school demographic. A highly-interactive web site was built, designed to function as an active online community for readers as well as an online television station, online radio station and a communication platform for students to exhibit their ideas, artwork, and get to know each other through the system.

In the fall of 2006 THE DISH was acquired by NBC/Universal Canada. The publication is being re-launched to a much larger audience through stronger circulation to high schools across Ontario, Canada, with major national advertisers including Reebok, French Connection and Universal Studios Films. The website is being updated for the launch.


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