> Space-themed gaming company

> Using random numbers from space

> Start-up by renowned space entrepreneur


  • Game demo for space-themed gaming company
  • Based on random numbers generated from space
  • Start-up by renowned space entrepreneur

Yuzoz is a space-themed entertainment company. Founded by Jeffrey Manber, renowned space entrepreneur, former President of MirCorp, who is known for signing on the first space tourist, Dennis Tito.Manber also negotiated the first TV commercial shot on the International Space Station - an ad for Radio Shack.

Yuzoz uses proprietary methods to capture data from live astronomical events such as solar flares, northern lights, the winds of space, and the movements of clouds on Venus via satellites. This data can then be used to do almost anything: pick from a list of excuses for being late to work or school; select the notes for a cosmically-generated tune or ring tone; or to lucky numbers. The possibilities are endless on how many things the stars can decide.

Yuzoz has been rapidly building its technology and now makes it available free through a growing family of software widgets that includes the “Yuzoz Wardrobe Picker,” “Yuzoz Holiday Destination Picker,” and “Yuzoz Father’s Day Decision Maker.” Most recently, the company added “Yuzoz Fireworks,” which uses space data to generate random art in the form of a widget-based fireworks display. Yuzoz widgets are available for download at

Yuzoz approached Giant Step to develop a demonstration of what a space-themed online game could be. Starting with 'Lightning Strikes - Keno from Space' the concept was to develop a series of 'Games From Space' that will build the first branded random number generator based on the magical randomness of space.

A Mark Twain said "Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it". In 'Lightning Strikes', players get to bet on where in the world lightning will strike next.

The project is currently under development.

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