Brand-able Social Media Platform

CLIENT: M:30 Communications   |   LAUNCHED: 2009


> Co-produced a social networking platform

> Launched yoozur.com with many features

> Customized for AT&T Rock the Vote for the 2008 US Election at rockthevote.com/yoozur and yoozur.com/rockthevote

> Created sponsor pages for Toyota and many pop stars

  • Created a new social networking media platform
  • Includes many of the features of other networks such as Facebook / MySpace
  • First client was AT&T Rock the Vote
  • Included in the official rockthevote.com site

Giant Step and SDI worked with M:30 Communications to create the Yoozur system.

URL:  yoozur.com   rockthevote.com/yoozur