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* Campaign concept for mobile long-distance plan
* Start-up by co-founder of Lavalife Corporation
* Collaboration with award-winning art director
* Online presence design and development

Mobilemiser is a service designed to help mobile phone users save money on long distance phone calls.

Mobilemiser is the brainchild of Rasool Vergee, co-founder of Lavalife, North America's first voice and web-based dating service, which sold for $180 million in 2004. The service gives mobile phone users a local number connected directly to the long distance number they call. Once registered in the program, long distance calls are so inexpensive, that customers can consider every call as a local call.

Mobilemiser needed a web presence that conveys their message to customers, entice visitors to signup, and connect to the digital registration system for the phone service.

In collaboration with award-winning art director Ronnie Napoleon Periera, Giant Step designed the website as a 'calling card' for the service. Since the service is designed for people who want cheaper long distance without the burden of calling cards, the design naturally fit to market the new mobile service. With an original layout, illustrations, animation and a online rate calculator, the web site drives home the message that the service makes long distance relationships more affordable.


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