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* Digital marketing strategy for travel promo site
* Official site for a world-renowned TV personality
* Interactive Maps, Wiki, Videos, Photos, e-Store
* Active Forum - 210,000 posts / 1,400 members
* Top traffic ranked site in Australia
* 60,000 unique visitors / month

ComeBackAlive© is the official website of Robert Young Pelton, a renowned author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker. Pelton offers a unique experiential style of reporting on conflict-related issues by spending time with leaders from both sides of political conflicts, often returning with exclusive and unique footage.

The Discovery Travel Channel series “Robert Young Pelton’s The World’s Most Dangerous Places” aired from 1998-2003 and inspired the formation of – the site features ‘Dangerous Places’, an interactive map of the world, showcasing information form Pelton’s guides detailing the inter-workings of political unrest.

The ‘Dangerpedia’ Wiki allows visitors to contribute their stories and experiences. The ‘Black Flag Café’ is a very active online forum with over 210,000 article posts and 1,400 registered members. The site also features Video clips from the Television show, links to various media interviews, articles and an Online store selling books, DVDs, and travel insurance.

The site was developed by Giant Step for Ingle Insurance International. Ranked top 1,800 websites in Australia, the site boasts 60,000 unique visitors / month. It is the place where professionals, adventurers, travelers and those who work and travel in high-risk areas can keep abreast of the latest information and safety tips, as well as travel insurance. 🙂


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