Brown + Storey Architects

Brown + Storey Architects

Website and Online Exhibit for an Architecture Firm



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* Web presence for an architecture firm
* Designers of Yonge / Dundas Square in Toronto
* Easily updatable online presence - custom CMS
* Large photo galleries displaying past projects
* Web art installation for Yonge/Dundas Square

Brown + Storey is a multidisciplinary team of architects, whose work is known to cross boundaries between architecture, urban and landscape design. In the past few years their work has gained attention for many projects, including the revitalization of St. George and Bloor streets, as well as the recent completion of the Yonge / DundasSquare.

Brown + Storey Architects needed a comprehensive web presence to reflect the essence of their work. It needed to feature a number of past projects in a way that is clear and highly visual. They also needed to be able to update the site on their own as time goes by.

Giant Step designed a custom-made web site that encapsulates the message conveyed by each of the architects' projects. We included a centralized rolling image gallery and three image sizes to allow for an exciting interactive exploration of each design project.

For the street revitalization projects, interactive maps allow visitors to travel through the street and learn about interesting locations. A custom content management system (CMS) and login was also integrated into the site design, making it easy to update the site.
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