Directory / Maps

Business Directory with Interactive Maps

If you need a custom interactive directory/map solution for your shopping centre, neighborhood marketplace, or global operations, we can help with that.

There are many WordPress plugins and tools that do this, but when it comes to specific features for your particular needs, often you'll find that it can be difficult and time consuming to adjust third-party tools.

Also, if you are looking to integrate these features into a custom mobile app, WordPress plugins will not work, and our platform will save you a lot of time and effort.

Simple customizable features:

  • Account Management - for users, business pages, admin

  • Stores - create and manage store pages with as much info per store as needed

  • Mapping & Categories - enable filtering map locations easily

  • Social Network - enable following stores and getting news from them in a timeline

  • Admin Panel - manage your marketplace directory

  • Launch as a responsive website or mobile app

  • Use as a base for a larger web/mobile platform

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