There are several types of advertising:

  • Branding / awareness ads (product benefits / features / link)

  • Direct response ads ("call now" / "click here" / "enter this coupon code")

  • Sponsorship ads (from basic presence to deep integration)

All this can happen online or offline (traditional advertising):

Online Ads

Display (Banner) Ads

Placing banner ads on relevant sites or blogs (direct or through ad networks).

There are standard ad sizes and formats (static image, animated, video, audio).

You can buy ad space based on demographics, interests, behaviour, semantics (related text on page), retargeting (once seen, show again wherever they go within the network).

There are many ad networks that sell display ads.

Email Marketing

Placing banner or other ad formats in third-party email newsletters.



Affiliate Marketing

Networks of site (web publishers) that display ads. The network tracks views, clicks and other actions or orders (on your site after clicking through). The network marketplace lists sites and ad offers.

Through Affiliate Marketing you can lower your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) expense by advertising on relevant but less popular sites. CPA ads cost you almost nothing until someone orders and then you pay a commission.

You get to set the offer for the publisher (re: % commission or other incentives) and possibly  get great deals this way on advertising.

End customer promotions can be discuonts, coupons, and more.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Advertising on the major search engines, most often refers to:
* Google Ads
* Google DoubleClick
* Facebook Ads
* Twitter Ads
* YouTube Ads
* Pinterest Ads
* Linkedin Ads
* Etsy Ads
+ Ads on other search engines, for example, eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, AliBaba, etc.

Social Media Contests

Running contests that encourage participants to share content that promotes your brand.

* Photo Contests
* Video Contests
* Trivia Contests
* Comics Contest
* Make an Object Contest
* Make a Character Contest
* Karaoke Contest
* Drawing Contest
+ other contest ideas

We created our own platform for advanced contests called ComicReply and also wrote a Book PDF titled "Social Media Contest Ideas: How to Grow Your Business With Social Media Contests".

Mobile Advertising

These can be Location-Based,
* In-App Ads
* Text Message Ads
* Push Notifications

* Idle Screen Ad - play while not using the phone
* Apps - branded useful tools packaged as apps that are really used to advertise the brand
* Google Ads
* Google DoubleClick
* Other Mobile Ad Networks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are many ways to improve your Google search results. It's a whole other universe of activities. Read More >>

Digital Signage

Digital ads on rotating sliders in large format screens, often used in:

* Welcome and directory signs at entrance to buildings
* Info signs - as in the bus schedule display
* Digital Menus at restaurants
* Point-of-Purchase displays

There are common layouts and ad sizes and the ads can be images, animated (Flash / HTML5), 3D graphics, include video, audio and many possible interactive features.

We have experience creating digital signage ad creative and also built a custom ad network platform for a client called Sarolta Technologies.

Offline Ads

Direct Sales Materials

* Business Cards
* Product or Service Sell Sheets
* Feature Summary
* Cost Comparisons
* Case Studies / Testimonials
* Product or Service Brochures
* Product / Service Wanrrantee
* Company Fact Sheet
* Company Presentation (Slideshow / Video)
* Company Awards and Publicity
* Company Client List
* Company Refernces
* Company Press Kit
* Pres Releases
* White Papers
* Newsletter

Trade Show Booth

Full booths and folding banners.

Flyers / Postcards / Inserts

One of the cheapest way to get your message across


From oversized flyers to large signage

Direct Mail

Designing a mail-out that sells is a science and an art. There is a lot of dat aon what really works. We can help you design the mailout, identify your target demographic through the postal service and prepare the mailout.


Promotional Products

Beyond flyers and brochures you can have branded
* T-Shirts
* Bags
* Pens
* USB drives
* Drinkware

Print Ads

* Newspaper ads
* Magazine ads

Radio Ads

* Plan messages
* Find the right voice for the audience
* Recording and editing
* Formatting

TV Ads

* Plan messages
* Storyboard artwork
* Animation or live-action video
* Voice-over and audio
* Post production editing
* Composing and formatting

Billboard / Out-of-Home (OOH)

Vector design for large format printing

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